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Harrie Calamari's Rick Steidl

  Rick Steidl

Harrie Calamari's Aurora Stewart
Harrie Calamari's Tom Stewart

 Tom Stewart 

 Aurora Stewart

After years of pursuing individual musical careers, both locally and nationally,  

lifelong friends Tom Stewart, Aurora Stewart and Rick Steidl, all from Kent, Ohio,

decided to undertake a new venture together.  


They combined their versatile vocal and keyboarding talents to create a  unique sound. Through selective song choices and musical styles,

they were able to  satisfy a broad range of discriminating  audiences. 

To get  an idea of just how versatile  they are, make sure to check out  

Harrie Calamari's  Songlist and Listen To pages


Whether performing in an intimate small club atmosphere or playing  

at a high-energy event, Harrie Calamari was always able to please.

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